neuralmonkey.training_profiler module

class neuralmonkey.training_profiler.TrainingProfiler → None

Bases: object

Training profiler class.

This class is used for measuring inter-validation and validation times during training. It stores the training profile in the inter_val_times and validation_times lists. These can be accessed by the toolkit to provide the user with insight about the training and validation time ratio.

Additionally, this class provides getters for last logging and validation times, which can be used for deciding whether to log training progress or validate the model.

__init__() → None

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.

epoch_start() → None
log_after_validation(val_examples: int, train_examples: int) → None
log_done() → None
training_start() → None
validation_done() → None
validation_start() → None